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Justin Flanagan – “Is gold the color of money?”

Justin Flanagan - goldJustin Flanagan, CEO of Topmark Realty, has in excess of 24 years of sales and leadership experience. Before kicking off his career in real estate, he spent nearly fifteen years in the automotive business in both the sales and management professions. His very last job right before leaving the automotive marketplace was as the Internet Sales Manager for Westside Lexus where he was responsible for overseeing the growth and increase of the Internet Department. During his stint in the automotive market Justin managed an extremely high customer satisfaction index and maintained consistent follow up with his clients which helped to develop a remarkable referral business.
In 2007, Justin Flanagan left the automotive business sector and entered real estate along with his mother-in-law, a long-time top producer, and together they came to be equal partners in The Houston Texas Team. Following her mentorship he quickly became intrigued by the endless opportunities real estate provided and was transformed into a top producer himself. In 2009 he started further pursuing those options and Topmark Realty was established. From its birth, and continuing today as part of Keller Williams Realty, Topmark is routinely recognized as a top producing Keller Williams team in both gross volume and total transactions. Topmark Realty has additionally earned recognition from The Houston Business Journal and the Wall Street Business Journal, demonstrating that Justin’s leadership continues to drive them in the right direction! Justin Flanagan is appreciative of the possibilities Topmark has presented him and his entire team, empowering them to take part in assisting many families with their transition. Justin cherishes each and every one of their customers and those relationships they form because he knowns that, as terrific as the recognition and accolades are, without customers none of the recognition or perks mean anything or are even possible. “Your clients and customers are a number one priority, end of story, without having a focus on your customers and extending extraordinary service, none of this is possible.”.

Most people don’t know this, but Justin Flanagan’s favorite color is gold. If it were up to him, the color of money would be gold!

A few of Justin Flanagan’s Awards & Designations:.
Top Producer, Member of HAR, TAR, NAR, Cover of Premier Agent Magazine, Book- “What Super Stars in Real Estate Have in Common”.