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Justin Flanagan – What is red?

Justin Flanagan - Family in MagazineAlthough born within Oklahoma, Justin Flanagan has had his origins planted firmly in Texas ever since he was six months old. Justin was brought up in the traditional middle class family in Alief alongside his mother and father, Patrick & Terri Flanagan, who instilled a powerful work values and a commitment to family in both Justin and his younger brother Michael. That dedication to family was further emphasized by his paternal grandmother, Elaine Flanagan, with whom both he and his brother invested their summers with in Somerville, TX. Their summer working days were spent helping at the marina, where Elaine worked, taking part in various community celebrations and being typical boys of summer discovering trails, fishing and having a great number of adventures together.

The summer before his senior year in high school Justin Flanagan met his wife, Cyndie Balfour-Flanagan, and as one they have built a family with their two daughters, Kesley and Kyndall, and continue to maintain their commitment to hard work, supporting charitable causes, and developing an organization that echoes their expectations. When asked how the high school sweethearts have been able to beat the statistics, Justin reflects that although marriage is not always an easy commitment, it is simple to be dedicated to someone and your relationship when you discover you have discovered your soul mate. “I figured out I loved her within two weeks of our going steady. It was an intimidating thing to a 17 year old but once you know you’ve uncovered it, you know it’s well worth hanging on to.”.
Outside of Topmark Realty, the real estate company Justin Flanagan initially built with the help and mentorship of his mother-in-law Gayla Gayden, Justin is a passionate supporter of the Katy Independent School District, Snowdrop Foundation (a pediatric cancer foundation), various Veteran causes, and foundations that assist children or strengthen communities. “I believe that contributing and giving back is a duty. My wife, family, and our team members are truly grateful for what we have been blessed with and we are overjoyed to be able to give back. It’s part of our faith and core to our belief.”

What does the foreseeable future hold for Justin? His better half left her leadership role in the natural gas industry in January 2015 to integrate their talents and efforts to further increase Topmark Realty and to build a legacy that their children can inherit as well as delivering a system that empowers the Topmark team members to build their own legacies within the agency. “If I look forward 3, 5, 15 years or more, I see my family, those individuals who are really helping to build Topmark, and those individuals who join us along the way, all making a difference by continuing to offer an unmatched level of service to our clients, contributing to charitable causes, and assisting to change lives of other people. We would like to be able to distribute homes to veterans, to further support teachers and educational support staff, help boys and girls, and to encourage others to have faith in the future and recognize that they can help make a huge difference in the world.” Based on that statement and the convection he delivers it with, that future looks extremely bright.

If you didn’t already know, Justin Flanagan’s favorite car color is red. So if you see a car moving really fast and it’s the color red… it’s probably Justin!